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To Blog, Really!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Except for one quick reblog earlier today, I haven’t been doing the blogging I have been hoping to do. I can only really plead some minor health issues, which have left me a bit tired and distracted and hence not blogging. I really am going to try and do more, though personal distractions will probably minimize that for another couple of weeks. In the mean time, as I get a little time, I might try to update the “About” page and such so as to get things ready to go.

I really do want to do this blogging thing. I apparently just need to do a bit more work to make it happen!


To Blog or Not to Blog…

Monday, 1 September 2014

Wow, this thing is still here? I haven’t posted anything here in a long time; I’m a bit surprised that WordPress didn’t just delete it! Well, maybe that’s a good thing, as I’m thinking of giving this blogging thing a try again.

There is so much going on out there regarding climate change and the environment and urbanism, and there are moments when I think I might have something to say about it all. The challenge, as always, is finding time and energy to sit down and actually do it. My life has changed tremendously in the past few years, so the challenge is greater now than ever. But maybe if I start out small, just posting or reblogging interesting things once or twice per week, I can transition into it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hopefully there will be more here soon!