Keeping Your Cool in a World on Fire

While I’m not entirely convinced that the human species is facing complete extinction due to the climate crisis, there is no doubt that our civilization as we know it is going to change. The only question in my mind is will we seize the opportunity to manage that change while we still can, or will we just turn a blind eye to what is coming and let the chips fall where they may. Either way, this appears to be some good advice for keeping our calm as our species seeks to find a path forward. Or, as the famous Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy put it: Don’t Panic!

The Economics of Happiness

This is the first post in our series by the speakers of Voices of Hope in a Time of Crises, a one-day event, which will explore localized solutions to our global problems and launch the International Alliance for Localization. Join the discussion on November 8th at The Cooper Union in New York City.

By Catherine Ingram

Sarah Sherif Saleh AliIt is a sad awareness that is becoming the zeitgeist of our time. It is being spoken in scientific, environmental, spiritual, academic, and even governmental circles. We humans may not make it much longer. The possibility of our species’ demise (along with the demise of many of the higher life forms) now permeates the thinking of thinking people everywhere. Vandana Shiva, renowned eco-activist and physicist, told an audience in Boulder that if the human species continues on its present destructive trajectory, it has no more than 100 years of life on this…

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