The Conspiracy Explained???

Last week, I wrote about one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates here in Colorado, Dan Maes, and his assertion that the Denver bike sharing program, Denver B-cycle, was a United Nations plot to take over American cities. Yesterday, as noted over at the Talking Points Memo, Mr. Maes was asked on MSNBC to explain his assertion. You can see the video over at TPM here. I’m not sure what his answer has to do with the question, but at least he’s being held accountable for his assertions. As of this writing, Mr. Maes has an approximately 1,100 vote lead over his primary opponent, so we’ll see if he will have further opportunities to explain this conspiracy that the UN has for taking over our cities via bike sharing.

Thanks to Transportation for America for posting the link to this story.

UPDATE: Mr. Maes ended up winning the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

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