Denver Cycling Update

I wanted to post a quick update to the cycling news I wrote about a few days ago.

The Denver Bike Sharing website is up and running, and they are taking pre-registrations for membership. There’s also a map showing where the stations will be. It wasn’t completely clear to me whether these were proposed stations, or whether they would actually be up and running when the system went live, so I dropped them a note to verify. The email I got back indicated that most of these should be up and running when the system actually goes live, or very shortly thereafter, if there are installation delays due to weather or other issues. From the map, there is supposed to be a station a few blocks from my home, and another near where most of my classes are at UCD. I am so excited that this is coming! Hm, I think I’m going to need to buy myself a helmet… 😉

One other note: According to the email I got from Denver Bike Sharing, if one buys an annual membership, it does not start when you buy it, but the first time you actually use it. That’s great incentive to sign up early and be ready when the system goes live.

Happy Cycling Denver!

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2 Comments on “Denver Cycling Update”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wow, I’m actually kind of impressed with how many stations they’ll have to kick things off. Plenty more will be needed to make it a true success, but this looks like a good start.

    By the way, I really like the new look for your site. Nice work!

    • Brian Says:

      It is an impressive start. I hope they can pull it off, and expand at a decent rate around the city.

      Thanks for the site feedback. I’ve enabled the free TypeKit option, though its been a bit frustrating to figure out how to get it all working. I guess if I wanted to learn CSS, this is my chance!

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