What’s happening at the blog…

If you are reading this and are familiar with my previous attempts at blogging, you’re seeing a new layout and a new address. In fasting from Facebook for Lent, I’ve been able to step back and take a look at my online life, and have decided to make a few changes. The first of these is moving this blog (and entries from another previous attempt) from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve experimented with both, and I’m finding that I like WordPress a lot better. In many ways I can treat it like a true website: multiple pages, the ability upload and link a broader range of media, and a generally broader range of customization options. I’ll be experimenting with some of these in coming weeks as time allows, so be prepared for some things to change. Hopefully they’ll all be for the good! WordPress also has a really good iPhone app that will hopefully allow me to do a certain amount of posting and other blog management on the go.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it! Hopefully this will continue to evolve over time. Please feel free to comment on the topics at hand; I would love for this to become a conversation hub on the topic of seeking ecopolis. Want to know more of what that’s about? Check out the “About” page and join the conversation!

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