Cycling News in Denver

9News, our NBC affiliate here in Denver, has two stories up today that will be good news to cyclists, or those who want to be.

The first is news that the city is set to start-up its bike sharing program, B-cycle, in late April. People will be able to rent bikes on a per-use basis, or can purchase annual memberships for $65 (students for only $40!). I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve been wanting to get a bike for a while, but with this program rolling out this year, maybe I won’t need to. Hopefully there will be a station in my neighborhood soon. For more information on the program, checkout the B-cycle website.

Another bit of cycling news is a story on 9News about sharrows. Sharrows are symbols painted on the ground to help cyclists and cars share streets that are too narrow for conventional bike lanes. For more information, start with this post from Livable Streets.

It is great to see Denver taking the initiative to put these programs in place. One of the things needed in seeking ecopolis is to provide people with a broader range of options for moving from place to place than just the automobile. Hopefully these programs will complement each other and get Denverites out of their cars and enjoying this fabulous Mile-High City.

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3 Comments on “Cycling News in Denver”

  1. adam Says:

    This is really exciting stuff. Did you also see that google maps now has a bicycle option for directions right along side walking, public transit, and car?

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